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  • Q: New York. Drinking in my neighborhood. Hanging out with hackers. Idiots in my way occupying Wall Street, need to take an economics class! Dressing up sexay, but Feminisim!

    from Anonymous


    Wow, that’s incredibly accurate (for the last few weeks). Also, CATS!

    Thanks for making me :D

    Anyone else? 

  • You guys should impersonate me in my inbox.

    Go on, say something

    I’d say “This should get interesting,” but the cricket in my tumblr inbox died months ago of foreveralone.

    (h/t the-madame-hatter)

  • Q: Why is it you don't get out of my mind?

    from Anonymous


    Ok, that’s just creepy.

    EDIT: Oh oh oh wait, ok … what if I posted this to myself, anonymously, Fight Club style? In that case, the answer is because I am you. O_O

    Really makes you think, don’t it?

  • Q: You are absolutely beautiful.

    from Anonymous


    Well, shucks. Thanks!

  • Q: Hokay-dokay.

    So, I just started this thing today, not expecting too much out of it. And on a whim threw Eris into the search filter. And not only did the BEST COSTUME EVER turn up in the search results - you paint and hack as well? :O And a bazillion other things I *want* to ask about, but don't want to textwall atcha. S instead - what secret life advice do you have for me? Failing that - will the BlinkyShoes actually be werable?

    from paprikasunflower


    Fantastic! It’s so rare I get questions that are not my friends attempting to troll me anonymously. Let’s see…

    The blinky shoes are wearable as is now, but another version is planned that eliminates the whole “morse code” thing in favor of what people really liked: batshit crazy flashing stuff. General consensus is that accelerometers need to get involved. I really should update that blog….

    Secret life advice? Dispensing such things would probably require knowing a little more about which deficiencies you’re trying to address. In general and to stick with the Eris theme, I’d go with “Never whistle while you’re pissing,” and then immediately follow that with “Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.” Hope that helps.

    PS - Not sure why people commonly think I’m one of those wily hacker types. I work in financial technology. In my “spare time” I break and make things - hard stuff, soft stuff, physical stuff, digital stuff, edible stuff - I occasionally code things and often wax philosophical on the digital dystopia we are creating, but I wouldn’t call myself a “hacker”. And, with few exceptions, you should probably be wary of anyone who does. ;)

  • Q: Why do girls suck at tech so much?

    from Anonymous


    This question is fundamentally flawed.

    In order to value girls’ performance as poor, one must have observed girls actually using / attempting to use technology. We all know this has never happened, with the notable exception of early computing pioneer Ada Lovelace’s contributions to Charles Babbage’s analytical machine.

    Of course, the American collective memory has room for only one Lovelace and post 1972, it’s all Linda.

  • Q: Are all of the nontrivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line Re(s)=1/2?

    from zosa


    Thanks for the vote of confidence in asking me to solve one of the fundamental quandaries which has plagued mathematicians for well over a hundred years!

    I assure you that should I be able to prove the Riemann Hypothesis,  I would not have time to answer your question because I would be busy spending the $1 million Millennium Prize on Louboutin heels and a swimming pool full of marshmallow peeps.

    That said, my gut says that 1013 confirming solutions is good enough for government work. You heard it here first: I put my stamp of approval on this whole thing.

    Now where’s my cash?I It’s almost Easter and those delicious sugar coated birdies aren’t getting any fresher.

  • Decisions, decisions.

    Decisions, decisions.

  • Q: How many tattoos do you have? Do you write poetry? If so, are you willing to share =)?

    from peetypassion


    (Hi! I love your blog, btw!)

    The tattoo question I already answered (the mermaid is the only one at the moment), but as for the poetry …

    I do indeed write. I rarely post, but I have a few up here on my other tumblr. I back dated the posts to as close as I could to when the original poem was written, so you can see most are pretty old. I need to write more!

  • Q: How is babby formed? how girl get pragnent?

    from Anonymous


    As I’ve mentioned before, all questions able to be googled will be mocked.

    That said, I appreciate your subtle reference to internet memes popular in 2008. The year was a good vintage, bringing us such classics as Ragetoons and Vinyl Sleeveface.

    For other readers who might also be plagued by the same question, you should know that they need to do way instain mother, obviously.

    Many thanks for your thoughtfully composed question, dear reader.

  • Ask me Anything

    General Reminder: I’m open for questions!

    Creative and/or original (read: witty, not obscene) questions are likely to net a well considered, possibly even HI-LARIOUS response. Do consider contributing.

    See what’s already been asked.

  • Q: $InappropriateQuestion

    from Anonymous


    Go play with ChatRoulette; I’m busy here.

  • Q: where can we find the video of you being interviewed in line outside of live diggnation nyc?

    from Anonymous


    WOW.  I think you just blew my mind.

    So back in June 2008, the first live Diggnation in Brooklyn and the first TRS meetup in Manhattan occurred in the same week. I attended both. It was their first ever taping on the East Coast, and people really turned out and had a great time. My photo from that event, which Alex tweeted, is still the most heavily visited image in my flickr gallery. :/

    You can alreadly see my desire to distance myself from what Diggnation was becoming …. in 2008. HAH. Regardless of what has happened to the Digg empire in the interim, it was a great time.

    Without further ado, here’s the clip. I’m in there twice, at about 1:20 and then again at 2:00, both times making hipster “their first album was better” type comments. SIGH. <runs and hides>

    Dashboard people - click through to see the video. ;)

    Amazing question. Gold star.

  • Q: Do you have any more tattoos?

    from Anonymous


    Nope, just the one.

    It took me several years worth of design iterations before I took in my sketch and had James clean it up  and do the work for me. I am, however, currently designing a much larger (and completely awesomesauce) back piece. For me, the process is immensely easier with Adobe Illustrator than pen & paper. Sometime in the next year or two I’ll get it done, I should think.

    Bonus: I have a bunch of ear piercings (3x helix, rook, and snug, plus your basic lobes), but I keep my hair over them because I work for investment banks.

    Thanks for the question!