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Miley Cyrus

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has really changed. She began her prominence as Miley Stewart in the hit Disney show Hannah Montana and followed that up with a fairly successful music career as Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus herself. She was a role model to young girls everywhere, similar to Beyoncé. But her early career is not why I am highlighting Miley as a role model for women.

I am more interested in talking about what happened after her career took off. Miley started becoming relatively unruly. At first people thought it was just her breaking away from her Disney image, but it started to get worse, even more so than other former Disney stars. She started becoming really slutty and reportedly doing drugs (or at the very least drinking).

Her music concerts were no longer wholesome and no longer intended for young girls, but rather for more mature audiences, given the fact that she now wore skimpy outfits (including flesh colored jumpsuits) and was dancing quite provocatively on stage. I’m sure nobody has forgotten how much Miley was into “twerking”, which is just about as sexual of a dance move as there is.

She even cut her hair extremely short and dyed it blonde, making a marked separation from her old “good girl” image when she had long flowing brown hair. And even though she seemed to have found love with Liam Hemsworth, whom she met on the set of their movie The Last Song, they broke up before officially tying the knot. Liam sure seemed like he was doing everything to support Miley, but in the end Miley’s behavior and attitude seemed to be too much. In short, Miley had gone off the deep end.

But what makes her a role model is not how she so prominently fell from grace, but how she bounced back. It started with her taking a backseat to the national spotlight, which is often hard to do for famous people. She kept herself out of the news and focused on herself first and foremost. She seemed to become sober, in all senses of the word and slowly began making her way back into the Hollywood scene, and she looked better than ever.

Her hair was long and flowing again, which made me so happy, knowing that she was back to her old self – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. And the culmination of her transformation back to a healthy woman was getting back with Liam Hemsworth and ultimately getting married in December 2018.

Although Miley took a turn for the worst, she stuck through it and changed her life for the better. And that is precisely what every woman should look to emulate in their own lives. Life is not easy, and things happen that send us off track, whether it be health problems, family problems or both. Whatever happens in life, it is so important to fight back and make things good again for yourself, in precisely the same way that Miley accomplished it.