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Empowering Young Women

One of the greatest things about being a mother is raising up your children and watching them grow into good people. It is a lifelong effort, but one that is totally worth it. When it comes to young girls though, there is more to it than just feeding them the right foods, making sure they get enough sleep and making sure that they are highly educated, all of which can and should be applied to young boys in the same way.

For young girls, it is important to empower them and ensure that they realize that they will often be treated differently in life simply because they are women. For example, they will often be objectified when they get older, with many people just seeing them as trophies for men to obtain, either by sleeping with them or by marrying them.

Or women will have a harder time finding jobs that they really love, simply because they will be given to men over them for no good reason. And even if they do get a great job that they love, they will be hamstrung by the fact that their pay will be less than their male counterparts.

Or in the very worst case, the young women in your life may eventually encounter a situation in which they are sexually assaulted, either by a stranger, a co-worker or even someone they love. In fact, there is a very good chance that this will happen to them multiple times throughout their lives, to varying degrees.

As you can see, women have it quite hard in life, despite living in one of the greatest countries in the world. With all of this hardship, it is very easy for young girls to lose hope as soon as they realize this fact of life. But rather than let them succumb to the hopelessness of the situation, instill confidence in themselves and inspire them that they can overcome said obstacles in life.

The best way to do this is to have great role models for your daughters or nieces or whoever it may be to look up to. These role models are often famous women whom your daughters are exposed to on a regular basis. Every time they see these women doing great things, in spite of all the challenges they face by being a woman, it will inspire them that they can rise up and be amazing women now and also in the future.

But don’t forget – as great as famous women can be as role models; no woman is as great of a role model for the young women in your life than you yourself. Because the young women in your life know you personally and see you on a regular basis, you are much more impressionable on them then famous women who they only know through Facebook or the news. So no matter how many positive role models you introduce into the lives of the young women you care about, keep in mind that you need to be just as much of a role model yourself, if not more so.