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Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman was the DC Comics movie that took the world by storm a few years back, and for good reason. It was exhilarating and full of action and was arguably the best DC movie that came out in recent years.

But what definitely made the movie a smash-hit was the acting done by Gal Gadot, who played the iconic Wonder Woman. She displayed power, independence and bravery in a way that is typically reserved for male roles. And for that reason alone, she is a role model for women everywhere.

From the very beginning of the movie, Gal conveyed true bravery. And yes, that was in part because she was an Amazonian warrior, of which all were supposedly brave. But she in particular was a cut above the rest and that showed throughout her training when she was younger and being trained by Robin Wright (I forget her character’s actual name, and it really doesn’t matter haha)

And even when the man came into her life (played by Chris Pine), she never changed and became weak at the knees just because a cute guy came into her life. Although there was a clear romance brewing between the two of them, it never dominated the storylines like many other movies that feature women as the antagonists do. Her persona remained a strong, independent woman throughout the entire movie, which was absolutely refreshing and definitely something that all young girls need to see.

Wonder Woman in general is also a hero, first and foremost, and that point was clearly made in the movie. She was at the forefront of every action scene and clearly displayed her strength and combat prowess, which was so amazing to see. And what I loved about it all was that she looked absolutely fantastic while doing it!

Gal is such a beautiful woman, and her outfit for Wonder Woman only made her look even more beautiful. Her outfit was absolutely sexy and it’s honestly something I would wear on a regular basis if I could. It showed off her slim frame, and her beautiful legs and arms, not to mention her headpiece that accentuated her gorgeous facial features and her beautiful black hair.

And even with her banging outfit, she was still able to come across as strong and a real hero. Being able to portray typically feminine attributes along with typically masculine attributes was what really made her stand out. Her role as Wonder Woman most definitely showed all the young girls out there that they can be beautiful and feminine, while still being awesome at activities that are typically male-oriented.

Young girls who see Wonder Woman and the acting of Gal Gadot are more confident to succeed in their careers, even if their careers may be male-dominated in general. And they can still be beautiful and sexy women while killing it in their professional lives. For this reason, Gal Gadot is truly an excellent role model for young girls. If the young women in your life haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, they definitely should right away!