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Sexism is real and I absolutely hate it. Think about walking down the street and having guys catcall you, which is totally degrading. Does that ever happen with guys? Absolutely not.  There are so many other examples of this that it’s just ridiculous.

For example, did you know that women’s shaving razors actually cost more than men’s razors for no good reason whatsoever? In fact, this applies to most products geared towards women compared to products geared towards men. It’s known as the Pink Tax and is a blatantly obvious form of sexism. Simply because a product is “pink” or has some other attribute that makes it a “women’s product”, it doesn’t mean that you should be paying more for it.

Obviously, this affects women more than men (unless you are a guy buying women’s products often, for whatever reason). And it affects in the worst possible place – our bank accounts.

Making us spend more money on common products simply because of the “pink tax” just adds insult to injury given the well-known wage gap between men and women. So not only are men making more money than us, but they are required to spend less of that money to buy the things that they need compared to us as well. That is sexism times two!

When it comes to certain career fields, women also have a hard time getting jobs simply because those careers are more male-dominated than others. The biggest examples are engineering and science related jobs, which also happen to be some of the highest paying jobs out there. This basically means that even before you get to the company for your interview, you are being judged and taken down a peg simply because the name on your resume is a girl’s name.

All of this may not seem like a big deal to some people, but when it is such a pervasive issue to millions of women around the country to some extent, it deserves national attention. And while there has definitely been some attention to sexism in the work place and in society overall, it simply hasn’t been enough. Because if there had been enough attention paid to sexism, this serious social issue would be declining rapidly.

And that simply isn’t the case. So until politicians get their heads out of the butts and start looking at ways to severely mitigate sexism in all ways, shapes and forms, you should just expect more of the same. But don’t be fooled – this is a serious problem that needs to be correct sooner rather than later. Women’s lives are being adversely affected in many ways and puts them at a disadvantage in various aspects of life compared to men.

If you are a woman and haven’t felt the sting of sexism in your own life, then consider yourself lucky. But don’t be surprised if you experience it in the near future and multiple times throughout the rest of your life. Because sexism is very real, no matter what any man or politician tells you.